Sohag University

Sohag University (Arabic: جامعة سوهاج) is a public university in Egypt. It is located in Sohag, on the eastern bank of the Nile. ..More on Wikipedia

List of programs with minimum score for acceptance

Program Scientific Scientific/Math Literature
Medicine 405.0
General Medicine
Veterinary Medicine and Surgery 398.5
Pharmacy 401.5
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Engineering 389.5
Electrical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Communications Engineering
Power and Control Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Conditioning Cooling and Heating Engineering
Electronics Engineering
Production and Machinery Engineering
Nursing 386.5
Information Technology 372.0
Computer Science
Computer Information Systems
Computer Networks
Science 394.5 351.0
Animal Science
Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
Business 360.0
Business Administration
Business and Financial Economics
Languages 393.5 364.0
English Language and Literature
French Language and Literature
Turkish Language
Chinese Language
Italian Language
German Language
European Languages
Semitic Language
Educational Sciences 363.5 269.0
Library and Information Science
Educational Administration and Foundation
Physical Education - male 207.0
Management and Athletic Training
Law 309.5
Educational Counseling
Educational Psychology
Education Technology
Tourism and Hospitality
Archaeology 381.0
Islamic Studies
Literature 279.0
Social Work
Agriculture 320.5
Food Science and Technology
Plant Production
Plant Protection
Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
Land, Water and Environment Management
Animal Production
Journalism and Advertising
Public Relations and Advertising

Campus Life

Visiting a college can give you a feel for life on campus

Many students say that a college’s size, location and campus “personality” were major factors in their final choice. A college’s student body is an important part of that equation. Ask yourself these questions: Are you interested in being part of a diverse community with people from many different backgrounds? Do you want to be around students who are interested in sports, studying, politics or something else?


Student-faculty ratio

Popular Programs

Do you need to choose a major before choosing a college?

No. In most cases, you’ll have plenty of time to choose a major. Most colleges don’t require students to declare a major until the end of their sophomore year, and many students change their major at least once. Some majors, especially in science and engineering, require more specific coursework, so students often need to declare their major a bit earlier.

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PLEASE NOTE: College Search profiles are based primarily on information obtained from government agencies and university websites. Costs, dates, policies, and programs are subject to change, so please confirm important facts with college admission personnel. The lowest minimum score mentioned applies to Egyptian students only. Lowest minimum score for international students is 5% to 15% less depending on the major.