Plant Production

Secondary education streams:
Scientific/Math, Scientific
A nursery is a place where plants are propagated and grown to a desired size. In a word, a nursery is a centre of seedling production where seedlings are produced and taken care of until transplantation in the main field. Mostly the plants concerned are for gardening, forestry, or conservation biology, rather than agriculture. They include retail nurseries, which sell to the general public; wholesale nurseries, which sell only to businesses such as other nurseries and commercial gardeners; and private nurseries, which supply the needs of institutions or private estates. Some will also work in plant breeding. A "nurseryman" is a person who owns or works in a nursery.Some nurseries specialize in certain areas, which may include: propagation and the selling of small or bare root plants to other nurseries; growing out plant materials to a saleable size, or retail sales. Nurseries may also specialize in one type of plant, e.g., groundcovers, shade plants, or rock garden plants. Some produce bulk stock, whether seedlings or grafted trees, of particular varieties for purposes such as fruit trees for orchards or timber trees for forestry. Some producers produce stock seasonally, ready in the spring for export to colder regions where propagation could have been started earlier or to regions where seasonal pests prevent profitable growing early in the season. ..More on Wikipedia

جامعات مصر التي توفر بكالوريوس Plant Production :

اضغط على كل جامعة لمشاهدة التخصصات والتنسيق والمنح الموجودة
Universities with the lowest accepted score to the program Scientific Scientific/Math Literature
Ain Shams University 365.5 349.0
Alexandria University 364.0 349.5
Assiut University 320.0
Zagazig University 333.0 327.0
Minia University 324.0
Menofia University 338.5 323.0
Suez Canal University 320.0 320.0
South Valley University 324.0
Benha University
Fayoum University 330.5 324.5
Kafrelsheikh University 342.0 339.0
Sohag University 320.5
Damanhour University 364.5
Aswan University 320.5 330.5
Damietta University 353.5 348.5
Heliopolis University 55.0
Mansoura University 355.0 339.5
King Salman International University

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