Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

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Anaesthesia, Trauma and Critical Care (ATACC) is an international trauma and anaesthesia organisation. It is a non-profit charitable organisation whose objective is to deliver teaching in trauma management and patient care. The organisation's primary activities are teaching medical practitioners and other emergency services personnel in the management of trauma and pre-hospital care. In addition to its educational resources, the organisation also has an ATACC Medical Rescue Team (ATACC MRT), composed of practitioners from all specialities. It operates and is available for the purposes of trauma care management in the pre-hospital care environment throughout the United Kingdom on a voluntary basis.There is an ATACC Disaster Response Team (ATACC DRT) available on standby for deployment to international disasters. The ATACC DRT, affiliated with the United Nations, has responded to international disasters and has been involved in disaster response training exercises. ..More on Wikipedia

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